Machine Shop

We have an onsite machine shop to not only sharpen our  knives but to sharpen your slitter knives.

We also do grinding of slitter stripper rubbers and do rubber roll repair and grinding


We can take your used cores, rework them to the size you need

and return them at a fraction of the cost of new.

Robert Cunningham , owner

PHONE 812-599-0558


REC Enterprises

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​​Our machines are also specially modified to rewind used paper.

Most machines only have 3" to 6" of movement for telescoped rolls, we have 18".

This 18-inch movement allows us to give you a higher return percentage

on your rewind.

We can also purchase your scrap paper with very competitive pricing.

We will rewind what is good and sell it back to you at

less than half the cost of new.

​By us purchasing all the paper from your company,

it ensures that we will give you the highest return in rewound paper